Our First Retail Store!

We’re officially on store shelves!  Yes, we’re happy and excited to announce you can now find Serendipity Saucy Spreads at Sunnyside Produce located at 2520 S. Main Street in Soquel next to the Fish Lady.  We made our first delivery on Saturday afternoon.  Stop by to pick up some fruits and veggies as well as a few jars of Serendipity.  How will you use it?

Facebook Fan Page

Serendipity Saucy Spreads now has a Facebook Fan Page!  We will be using Facebook, as well as our Diary, to announce exciting and serendipitous news.

If you’re on Facebook come join our fan page!

How will you use Serendipity Saucy Spreads?


We are very excited to announce that Serendipity Saucy Spreads is officially open for business and we have an online dairy!  Yesterday we had our appointment with the state health inspector and we passed with flying colors.  Hopefully soon we’ll be up and running at our first farmers market in Willow Glen.  Stay tuned to see what other serendipitous things are happening.