Pepper Jellies Have Arrived

It seems like from the moment we started Serendipity customers have been asking, “Do you make a pepper jelly?”  We we can now officially say YES and we have something for everyone from sweet to hot and even one with cranberries.

Like many of our jams, our pepper jellies are great flavors to take to a party and pairing it with cream cheese one of the most common ways to serve this tasty jelly.  However, for a more spreadable and user friendly try combining your cream cheese with an unsweetened whipped cream or something I like to call Creamed Cheese.  This is something that I started making a few months ago because I didn’t like the density of cream cheese.  I started experimenting with whipped cream and cream cheese ratios,  et voila,  I found the prefect combination for a great spreading cream cheese! It might take a few extra minutes to make but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Serendipity Pepper Jelly Sandwich Spread

One thing that resulted in our creative efforts was a ton of creamed cheese which led to new ideas.  A couple of days ago mom created a great sandwich spread using equal parts Serendipity Pepper Jelly, Ground Mustard, and the creamed cheese.   The best part was that it’s the perfect combination of easy and delicious!

Another of our favorite ways to use creamed cheese is in potato salad.  We used my grandmother’s standard potato salad recipe and replace the mayo with the cream cheese and instead of store bought pickled relish we used our own.

Until next time.  Have fun in the kitchen and enjoy these great summer days!



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