Lightfoot Update

For the past few weeks we’ve been working in the kitchen with a group of amazing high school students that are apart of the Lightfoot Industries pilot program.  In the kitchen we’ve been making chutneys and syrups and then they’re used in the weekly Lightfoot Supper Club dinners.  Below is an update from Carmen, the founder of Lightfoot, of what the students have been up to in the last few weeks.

Carmen with a few of the Lightfoot students

Hello Lightfoot Family!

As you know our team of student apprentices have been working each Supper Club Dinner as well as various caterings. We started the season off with a lunch buffet for 150 guests at Freelance Camp Santa Cruz, held at the Museum of Art History.  Our next and largest catering thus far was for Santa Cruz Waldorf School this past November; where we served roughly 200 people family style, as well as harvested product for the event with Waldorf students in their biodynamic garden.  Rock Romano of The Go Big Project put together a great video of the harvest/reciprocal learning days (you can view it on Vimeo or on our FaceBook page).  Aside from learning how to work as a team and provide great customer service, our students have also been in classes four (4) days a week as guinea pigs for our Lightfoot Academy. The curriculum is pretty rich so far, as are the businesses and individuals who have been making it possible; have a look at our weekly Lightfoot Academy schedule and see for yourself.

Food What? at UC Santa Cruz

Monday: Students work with Rich Harris, Seagate Social Media Strategist, to research develop and implement our social media strategy.  Aside from learning about having a responsible on-line presence, students are learning about cross-marketing, twitter, tags, as well as writing our blogs and managing content.  This class is also launching  a student-led, On-Line Profile Project – make sure to join our FaceBook page to follow the upcoming stories about each of our pilot program participants.

Tuesday & Thursday:  Village Yoga of Santa Cruz has opened up their studio for our students making the Wellness component of our framework possible.  After we practice Bikram Yoga together students spend time either journaling, or talking about nutrition and mediation and how it can affect one’s behavior and performance.

Wednesday:  Students work with Lynette and Kristen of Serendipity Saucy Spreads to make our signature chutney’s, sauces and syrups.  Along with cooking, students are also learning about recipe development and regional sourcing.  We use the products made in this class on our menu and will be offering them for sale at our Supper Clubs and coming soon to our website.

Lots of Jam

Friday:  Students work with Carmen Kubas in two (2) classes – Food Service and Sustainable Professional Development.  In Food Service students learn about restaurant and food service, while in the Professional Development class students work on defining and planning for their ‘soulcraft’ through the lens of sustainability.  In the Spring after students have compiled work samples from all areas of the program, a resume, references etc they will present their work and plan to a panel of community stakeholders.

Food Service Class

Next I’d like to thank and acknowledge the organizations that have been helping Lightfoot along during it’s first year.  These groups have either provided funding, pro bono work, space for our students to meet or other professional services.  Without these organizations, we would not be in existence.  Village Yoga, Entreprelaw, Bread for the Journey, Chocolate & Backstage Lounge, Communication 4 Good, Food What?, Delta High School, NextSpace-Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Waldorf School.

Lastly, peruse through the links below to see some of the recent press and media we’ve been generating.   Our teen apprentices are very proud of their work accomplishments and have enjoyed seeing Lightfoot in local papers and blogs highlighting their efforts.


In closing, thank you all for your continued support through our development and pilot phase.  Make sure to ‘like’ us on our Lightfoot Industries FaceBook page, as this is the main outlet for all our blog posts, photographs and event information.  If you get a chance, come join us for dinner at the last two Supper Clubs of 2010, December 11th and 17.  If you can’t make the December dinners don’t worry – we’ll be back at it come February 2011 and we will look forward to seeing you then!

Supper Club

Much love and appreciation to you all,

Carmen and the Lightfoot Team

Coming soon to the Serendipity Diary – Pumpkin Soup, Peppermint Mochas, and Grandma Smith’s Cookie Cutter cookies.

Until next time.


Kristen & Lynette

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