Summer is Coming!!!

Yellow Nectarines & Flavor Rosa Pluots

For the past month I’ve been waiting for any sign of summer.  Constantly checking the calendar, and then going out side in the hopes of seeing the sun and feeling any type of warm weather.  This year, like last, the Central Coast’s spring was hijacked by winter.  Day after dreary day, it seemed that summer would never arrive.  That is until this week.  While I was walking the Tuesday night market in Monterey I saw fruits reminiscent of summer.  My eyes weren’t deceiving me, the stone fruits are here and they’re wonderful!

Pluots & Nectarines

This week in the kitchen pluots, nectarines, white peaches, and rhubarb were all made into jammy goodness and will all be available at the Los Gatos and Seascape farmers this weekend.

We hope to see you this weekend to celebrate the end of winter!


Until next time.


Kristen & Lynette

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