Playing with Peaches

How did it get to be August already?  It seams as if the summer, or lack there of due to the unseasonably cold weather on the Central Coast, has flown by.  Luckily the cold weather has not gone past the coast to disrupt the stone fruit trees in the Valley.  This year I’m loving all of the stone fruit; peaches(even white peaches which I’ve never been a fan of), nectarines, plums, and well, the list goes on.  I digress, this post is dedicated to peaches!!!  Because we love PEACHES!!!

Peach Preserves

Basic Peach Preserves

5 lbs Yellow Peaches (pitted)*
1-3 cups Sugar
1/2 cup Lemon Juice

(*nectarines are an option if they happen to taste better that week)

I leave the skins on for color but feel free to skin them if that pleases you.

Day 1: Prep

Day One: Wash, pit, slice, and macerate with 2 cups of sugar & lemon juice over night

Day 2: Roast pits, strain peaches, and finish preserves

Roast pit, separate pit from kernels using pliers & a hammer, then roast kernels

The kernel adds nice almond flavor.

Day Two: Strain peaches and add to a large non-reactive pot. (Save liquid for peach syrup)

After peaches have been strained, cook until soft, and add a bit more sugar and lemon juice if needed.

Add one kernel to each jar (optional), cook until peaches are soft and mixture is thick, process as instructed but my vote is to just refrigerate and enjoy

Ladle into clean and sterile jars and enjoy!


Booze it up a little with Bourbon, Brandy, or Cognac – about 1/8 cup.

Go earthy with some sage (one of my favorite herbs this year).

Add a bit of fire with a touch of ginger.


Bring the reserved liquid plus 1 cup of sugar adn 1/4 lemon juice to a simmer and cook until sugar has dissolved.  Taste, and add more sugar if needed.  Pour into a clean and sterilized jar and refrigerate.

This syrup is great for sodas and cocktails.  Let your imagination go wild!

Until next time!  Go out and enjoy your summer with great peaches!!!




10 thoughts on “Playing with Peaches

  1. oh how I WISH we were having a cold summer in the Midwest…! 😦 it’s been so unbearably hot. I was not made for the heat. what’s the difference between regular peaches and white peaches? I see them at the store but I’m never brave enough to buy them hah.

  2. I was not made for the heat either but it’s already August and I haven’t harvested any veggies from my garden.

    White peaches are sweeter and are a bit more delicate. You should pick some up to try next time you go to farmers market.

  3. Was just about to place a big order, but all I can find is Boysenberry. No strawberry, raspberry, peach, or apricot yet? We like just the plain preserves. Let me know what you have in stock so I can place an order.


    • Made by hand doesn’t even begin to compare. I wouldn’t eat most of the preserves on store shelves, with the exception of a few companies. I’m sure you’ll homemade if you’re a fan of fruit.

    • Large commercial brands, yes. But there are a few small producers like myself that do sell to stores and my customers know they’re not getting a jar of sugar or grape juice concentrate.

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