We have a winner!

We would like to thank and congratulate Aimee from Simple Bites for her generous donation of $100 to #AFundForJennie for our six jar gift box!  The flavors in the gift box are some of my favorites from this season and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

For me, it has been a truly amazing experience to watch this community come together and I’m so honored, even though it was in a very small way, that I was able to be apart of it.  A few minutes ago I read the latest update from Bloggers without Borders website about what all has happened in the last week.  It’s truly remarkable!

[From the  BWOB website]

“Well, it’s been quite a week. You guys have blown us away. What started with 15-20 auctions has being snowballing for a week to the point where (we’re a bit embarrassed to admit) we have almost lost track of how many auctions are taking place! Some auctions have ended, some will end today, and still some others will remain open for a few more days. Check out the auction gallery page to see a list!

There will be a final grand total update on Friday (and a fun midweek post you won’t want to miss), but we thought it was time to tell you how much you’ve raised for Jennie and the girls so far.

Hold on to your hats, folks!


And this number will increase drastically as the 90+ auctions close and payments from the winners are received.

Your positive spirit and incredible support for Jennie have been infectious from day one. In case you missed it, your efforts were noted on sites such as the LA Times, the New York TimesSerious EatsCNN EatocracyGourmet Live!—the list goes on. We already know this community is one-of-a-kind in its selflessness and generosity, but now the world knows it too.

Perhaps we should just revel in this moment: our first campaign, a wildly successful community-driven fundraising project of epic proportions. But of course, we can’t help but look to the future. We’re going to do so much good. Together.

More to come. For now, just keep on doing the good work you’ve been doing.
Bloggers without Borders”

Until next time!



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