Colorful Cookie Cutter and Sandwich Cookies

Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee!

Each December my grandmother would bake oodles and oodles of cookies to give to her neighbors and to take to parties.  And each year I would get to help her.  One of her most crowd pleasing varieties and one the I remember as being my favorite was her recipe for cookie cutter cookies.  They have a wonderful texture and a bright lemony flavor.  This year to change things up a little bit I decided to make them into sandwich cookies with our jams.  I’m sure if grandma was still with us she would approve!

Cookie Cutter Cookie Recipe - "The Good Ones"


6 cups flour (or less)
1 tsp baking powder
1 lb butter softened
2 egg yolks
juice & rind of ½ lemon
2 cups sugar

Serendipity Jam
Powdered sugar

Sift flour and measure, add baking powder and sift again (a second sift really does make a difference).  Cream butter, add sugar, and mix thoroughly.  Beat egg yolks slightly and add to creamed mixture and mix well.  Add lemon rind and juice.  Gradually add enough flour to make dough easy to handle.  Chill for several hours.

Preheat oven to 325°.  Divide dough into quarters.  Place dough on to a floured sheet of parchment paper and using a floured rolling pin roll out a quarter of the dough to ¼” and cut bottoms and tops with linzer cookie cutters.

Cutting the dough

Remove excess dough from cut shape and place parchment on to a cookie sheet.

Ready for baking

Bake for about 10 minutes.  While cookies are baking, roll and cut out another quarter of dough.

Cookies cooking

After baking transfer cookies to a cooling rack and place the next batch in the oven.  Continue above steps until all the dough has been baked.  When cookies have cooled spread your favorite Serendipity jam on to the bottom layer.  For this batch I used apricot and cranberry.

Bottom cookies getting their jam

Place window cookie on top of bottom cookie and dust with powdered sugar.

Sandwich cookies dusted with powdered sugar

Et voila!  The most wonderful cookie cutter cookies and they aren’t like any I’ve had before.

Seasons greetings and happy baking!