Marmalades return!

Serendipity Marmalades

Marmalades return to the Serendipity web store!

Quick Curds

Lately I’ve had a craving for a citrus curds.  There is something I love about the combination  and balance of creamy, sweet, and yet also acidic.  Instead of making a traditional curd I wanted to see what would happen if I made it from our Grapefruit Jelly and also from our other marmalades.  I knew it was either going to be a an epic failure or a great success.  Luckily it was the latter! Continue reading

Friday Cocktail – White Grapefruit Tequila Spritzer

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m feeling like a cocktail!

Right now we have many marmalades that lend themselves to cocktails. To kick off the weekend, I decided to combine our new White Grapefruit Jelly, silver tequila, and sparkling water.

Continue reading