Marmalades return!

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Marmalades return to the Serendipity web store!

Apples, Cranberries, and Oranges… oh my!

Just a few of our favorite things.  It’s late November and the oranges have started coming back into the market which means our Orange Marmalade is back in stock!  All summer long we were asked the same question from marmalade lovers, “Do you have orange marmalade?”  Well, we can finally say yes to that question!  This wonderfully sweet goodness makes a great glaze for white meats such as pork and chicken, a light citrusy vinaigrette, or a delightfully spritzer when combined with sparkling water & ice.

We also love this time of year because the cranberries flood the marketplace.  They’re a fun little berry to cook with because of their versatility.  This year we’ve created lots of fun flavors around these tart berries that include Christmas Conserve & Jam with a wee dram of Brandy, Cranberry Orange Sauce & Jam, and Cranberry Orange Marmalade.  With the creation of these new flavors also means new recipes and ideas for how to use them.  This Thanksgiving we enjoyed a Cranberry Orange Spritzer & an Apple Cranberry Crisp that was made using our Cranberry Orange Sauce as well as an Apple Cranberry Tart that uses our Cranberry Orange Jam.  We think you’ll love how easy and delicious these recipes are to make for your family and friends.  This year we plan to make extra cranberry jam and sauce so that you’ll be able to enjoy this wonderful flavor throughout the year.