Lemons, Is there a more versatile fruit?

Lynette picking lemons

At Serendipity we love lemon season and picking the fragrant fruit,  especially if there is a gentle rain falling while we are in the grove. Being  among the trees and smelling the damp earth is one of the most tranquil tasks of all, and we appreciate our friend who shares her very prolific crop of organic Meyer lemons with us.

Once back in the kitchen, our imaginations ran wild with the endless possibilities that lemons offer. This week we squeezed and zested over 300 lemons, and in addition to luscious organic Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange Marmalade Kristen created a new recipe for Meyer Lemon Syrup. It is packaged in the most adorable bottle yet!  Coming soon will be Salt Cured Lemons (delicious in North African cuisine), Meyer Lemon & Tangerine Marmalade, and Lemon Salt Blend. Speaking of salt rubs and  spice blends, Serendipity will soon be offering a wide variety of specialty seasonings  just as soon as we can decide on the packaging design – more about that in the weeks to come.

Washing Lemons

As our company grows, you can expect to see more shelf-stable pantry items being added regularly.  If you’ve not tried our fruit vinegars, be sure to do so soon, as they are delicious with your favorite salad greens.  It is our desire to share what we create for use in our own kitchen with all of you, and hope you will enjoy our efforts. As always, if you have suggestions for additional products (we are still working on a pepper jelly) or ideas to improve what we currently produce, we would love to hear from you.

Until next time, thank you all for adding a little Serendipity to your life!

Kristen & Lynette