Upcoming Class

We had so much fun last weekend during our citrus class that we’ve decided to do it again on March 23rd at 2:00.

Price: $60.00
Saturday, April 6th from 2:00-4:00
Location:  DIG Gardens, 420 Water Street, Santa Cruz

To register visit the DIG Gardens website: http://diggardensnursery.com/events/ or call (831)466-DIGG (3444)

Lemon Class

Events: Harvest Party at Freewheelin’ Farm

Join us Saturday September 29th at Freewheelin’ Farm for their annual Harvest Party & Art Show!


Directions:  take highway one north, 5 miles from Santa Cruz and turn left on Scaroni Road. Make an immediate right after the railroad tracks and follow the road to the right around the storage container. Drive as far as you can on that road and it will dead end into the party area!

36 hours left to vote!

‎300 votes and only 36 more hours to vote! All votes have to be cast by June 30th at 11:59:00PM ET/8:59:00 PM PT.

Thank you so much to everyone who has voted. For those who haven’t, it’s not too late!

Head over to www.missionsmallbusiness.com
Click on Login & Support
Search for Serendipity Saucy Spreads
Click VOTE!



Kristen & Lynette


Preserved Lemons are ready!

Preserved lemons have returned!!  They’ve been sitting and curing since early April but now they are finally ready!

We love using these little gems with chicken, lamb, veggies, and in soup.  Need a recipe idea?  Try our recipe for Preserved Lemons and Lamb!

You can find this amazing jar of lemons at the Serendipity Marketplace.

Until next time,


Mission: Small Business Weekend Update

Good news jam fans!!! We’re up to 178 votes.  However, we still need about 72 more votes in order to qualify for the $250,000 grant.  Again, a huge thank you if you have voted already.

For those of you that haven’t voted we hope you’ll take a second to head over to http://www.MissionSmallBusiness.com

Using Facebook Connect click on Login & Support
Search for Serendipity Saucy Spreads (leaving the state & city blank)
And click on VOTE!

Thank you everyone and stay tuned for more updates!